Home Based Customer Service, Content Writer/Translator

Remote or Home Worker, France.

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  • Bilingual Customer Service French/English
  • content writer
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  • Web Site Translator

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About Mireille

To whom this may concern

I am looking for bilingual or trilingual home based customer service positions. I am also interested in websites content writer, and translator. I am fluent in French, English and Spanish. I have 15 years experience of working online remotely.
I would love to use my language and writing skills, an email or chat position would be perfect for me, I do however like human contacts and working on the phone or on Skype would also be suitable for me. I worked as a customer support supervisor for Sykes.SR in Costa Rica where I was not only in charge of the quality, performance and training of the agents, but also in charge of the support of MSN clients, via email, chat or phone. I am a very communicative person, with the satisfaction of my clients always a priority, providing a fast and accurate solution and a happy and positive experience.
I have also worked as a freelance content writer, blogger and translator for a variety of online tourists companies like costaricanvacations and a variety of online poker and casinos.

I am a cheerful, energetic worker, with many years of experience working independently and remotely. I work on a Macbook Pro with fast internet connection.


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