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iHubbub is a virtual home working world.

iHubbub is a way for millions of people to come together, from across different generations, cultures and places, to share their home working experiences, skills and to share in our home working world.

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iHubbub allows you to share all your work from home interests on the web by pinning your details to our home working map.


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iHubbub's History

Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne started Remote Employment in 2008. After the success of The Remote Worker Awards and a wide audience of home working members, they decided to expand and start a home working community site.

Remote Employment is the leading website for home based jobs, flexible jobs working from home, remote jobs, home based business opportunities, home based franchises, freelance projects and outsourced contracts.

Ken and Paula started exploring the idea of running a community for home based workers, freelancers and home businesses in January 2010 and after many months of putting together the concept, the development of iHubbub got underway in November 2010.

Paula was commissioned to write a beginner's guide to creating a successful website. Her book Create A Successful Website become a bestseller after its launch in October 2010 and has remained an Amazon bestseller in three categories ever since. Paula's second book,  Pimp My Site, was published by Wiley in November 2011.


Key People

Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne founded iHubbub.


Ken Sheridan

Ken Sheridan is co founder of iHubbub's home business social network

Ken has a long career in FMCG as Brand Manager, General Manager and Managing Director.

He managed major brands such as Pepsi, Tetley Tea, Monster Munch, Jacobs Biscuits, Cow & Gate baby food, Sunkist Orange and Powwow Water both in the UK and internationally.

Ken's business experience covers B2B markets, fast moving B2C products, short shelf life brands, brands that are over 100 years old, major product launches and business re-engineering projects.

He has managed and successfully grown large businesses as well as smaller subsidiaries of 'Top 500' multinational businesses using aggressive sales and marketing programmes to do so.

Ken has some very interesting stories about launching new products and often has his audience in stitches with his quick wit and buckets of guff!



Paula Wynne

Paula Wynne, author of Create A Successful Website and Co Founder of iHubbub's home business social network

Paula Wynne, a publicist, marketer and award-winning online entrepreneur, is the bestselling author of Create A Successful Website and Pimp My Site. Paula's author's bio is viewable at Amazon's Author Central.

As a small home business starting out as the recession hit the UK, Paula experienced the financial constraints that every small business startup, entrepreneur, and independent business working on a shoestring has to juggle.

Instead of waiting to afford the valuable digital marketing resource needed for her business, Paula taught herself everything she could about keywords, optimization and online search marketing.

Her many years of working with a corporate and agency clients in both PR and marketing gained valuable experience and paid dividends to boost her website's growth, working in tandem with her new-found skill in SEO.

Paula's DIY skills soon had Remote Employment as Google’s No 1 in the world for flexible home based jobs.  Se more at


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